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Window Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning in San Jose, CA

Solar panel windows

A San Jose homeowner called AC's Cleaning Service in need of solar panel cleaning. He had installed solar panels on his roof in the past year. When it comes to solar panel cleaning, it is proven that the homeowner can expect an increase of solar output. It always depends on how dirty the panels are. Never the less, it always a great idea to clean your solar panels and let them soak in that San Jose sun. When communicating with the homeowner, i asked if he would like to pair his solar cleaning with exterior window cleaning service. He gladly agreed, as his windows had not been cleaned in quite some time. The homeowner was extremely happy with our service. He had clean solar panels and could see out of his windows again. He let us know that AC's Exterior Cleaning Service is the company he would be calling again, and the company he would share with family and friends!


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