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This Beautiful Estate in Atherton Needed Professional Window Cleaning Service

This Beautiful Estate in Atherton Needed Professional Window Cleaning Service

AC's Exterior Cleaning Service provides amazing window cleaning service to beautiful mansion in Atherton, CA.

Since 2002 our team has been at work providing our pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning service to the residents of Atherton California. The city of Atherton is known as the wealthiest zip code in the state of California. It contains a vast array of multi-million dollar homes. These homes are typically 15,000+ square feet. Home this big have lots of windows. And with lots of windows present, Atherton is always in need of a great team of window washers. Thankfully, our team has just the right tools and know how to get your windows sparkling clean.

AC's Exterior Cleaning Service and co have provided window cleaning service to residents in Atherton many times before.

For this client, our job was provide window washing to the entire estate. There was a main house with three stories of glass, and a small ADU on property that all needed interior and exterior window cleaning. In total, 120+ panes of glass all of varying sizes needed a good cleaning. Some of the windows span from floor to ceiling. There were complete walls of glass, giving a great view of the outdoor living areas. There was a lot of work to get done.

Our team split up to conquer the work load. Half of the team was responsible for the interior window cleaning, and the other half responsible for the exterior window cleaning.

Inside, the frames, tracks, and most importantly, the glass was cleaned to almost perfection. Inside were fingerprints, smudges, and dust on the windows.

On the outside, the glass and exterior frames around the glass was thoroughly cleaned using our water-fed pole.

What is water-fed pole window cleaning?

Water fed pole window cleaning is the latest technological advancement in window cleaning and it’s changing the industry forever. Water fed pole cleaning makes it easier to clean exterior windows and gives homeowners a better clean. Using this method makes cleaning windows less expensive, easier, safer, and faster. The water fed pole cleaning system utilizes cutting edge technology. A water fed pole is a long extendable pole with a brush head. Inside the pole a pump system dispenses purified water on demand. The water and the brush are all that are needed to clean dust, dirt, leaves, pollen and other things from exterior windows. Then the windows are left to naturally dry. That’s all there is to it. It is a revolutionary way to clean hard to reach windows, skylights and roof lights.

With the day almost worked away, our team was complete with the window cleaning service for our client in Atherton.

All the windows were sparkling clean from inside and out. Taking a walk around the property, you can really see the difference of how clean windows make a home really stand out.

Our client in Atherton was extremely happy with the window washing service we provided. As always, another job well done!

Location: Atherton, CA

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