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Roof Cleaning in Morgan Hill, CA

Roof cleaning morgan hill ca

AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service provided roof cleaning service to another home in Morgan Hill, CA. This rural area home is surrounded by pine trees. As the season passed and went, these trees left their debris covering our client's roof! Before the rains came, we cleared the roof of the fallen pines, leaves and debris. We also cleaned out the gutters which were also packed to the brim with debris. It's important for a home's gutters to be cleaned on a regular basis, especially if the home is surrounded by trees. A compacted gutter can become extremely heavy and potentially cause damage to the home's eves. It is an expense that can be easily avoided. Our client has worked with us in the past and has us complete annual window cleaning service. Our client in Morgan Hill was happy with the work AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service provides.

Services Used in Project

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