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Roof Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Service in Saratoga, CA

Roof Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Service in Saratoga, CA

A client in the city of Saratoga called needing our help to get their roof cleaned.

The rural home in the Saratoga / Los Gatos area was surrounded by a variety of trees. Oak trees, maples, pines, and redwoods were on all sides of the property. Unfortunately, the debris from these trees landed right on-top of the home.

The tile roof of this home was covered in leaves, branches, pine needles, and everything else that falls from these trees.

The client wanted a few things taken care of : Roof washing, removing all the debris, cleaning the gutters, and cleaning the solar panels as well.

Our team started with the roof cleaning, knowing that the gutters will get filled again if we cleaned them first.

With various tools, we removed the tree debris from the roof. We then cleaned out the homes gutters. Once all the debris was off the roof, we made sure the ground was clear and clean from all that dropped.

After cleaning up around the property, we finished by cleaning the solar panels.

Both the main house and back ADU roofs on this property were cleaned up and looking great.

The client left a nice 5 star review on Google and scheduled to have us back during the fall season.

Location: Saratoga, CA

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