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Pressure Washing Town Home Breezeway in Morgan Hill, CA

Pressure Washing Town Home Breezeway in Morgan Hill, CA

AC's Exterior Cleaning Service had a great opportunity to provide power building washing service to a property in Morgan Hill, CA. The local condo complex is located right off of East Dunne Ave. in Morgan Hill. Typically, there are 4 units per structure. The buildings are 3 stories high. For this job, the residents teamed together to have their breeze way / stairway professionally cleaned.

To start the process of cleaning, our team removed the cobwebs stuck to the stucco walls, door frames, window frames, and corners of the breeze way.

We then used a light & eco-friendly solution to loosen our mold, mildew, algae, and other stuck on debris.

The stair way had quite a bit of wear to it. The walkways were covered in mold. The stairs were saturated in foot traffic grease and scuff marks. The concrete also had a handful amount of chewing gum stuck to the ground that needed removal.

One thing was certain, this stairway was well over due for a cleaning.

With the prep work completed, we were ready to start power washing. Starting at the top of the building, we worked our way down, pressure washing the breeze way stucco walls, concrete platforms and stairs. The results of the power washing were instantaneous. The heavy stuck grime was lifted away. Pressure washing not only looks great, but is a great way to prevent possible slip and fall accidents. Oftentimes stairways or other concrete walkways can become slippery due to overgrown moss, algae, and grease. The last thing anyone wants is a lawsuit that can have been easily prevented by calling AC's Exterior Cleaning Service. This Morgan Hill town home complex was looking 100% better. It was a pleasure to serve the handful of residents in this small part of the property.

Location: Morgan Hill, CA

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