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Pressure Washing at Steven's Creek Cadillac in San Jose, CA

Commercial pressure washing

Steven's Creek Cadillac car dealership located in San Jose, CA needed pressure washing service. AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service received their call and headed down to see what they needed washed. They had a tight schedule to work with as the grand re-opening of the property was just around the corner. I explained to them how we would get the job done and why AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service was the best team for the job. We got contracted and shortly after got to work. We pressure washed the dealership's concrete sidewalk surrounding the front entrance into the sales office. Afterwards we pressure washed the service check in bay on the side of the building. With the job well done, and just in time for their grand re-opening, Stevens Creek Cadillac of San Jose was more than pleased with AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service.


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