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Pressure Washing Service in San Jose, CA

Pressure washing san jose

A client in San Jose gave us a call in need of AC's Exterior Cleaning Service. Our client had a few areas on his home that needed pressure washing attention. The list of areas included the driveway, car port undercarriage, gutters, front porch undercarriage, and metal window awning. The client wanted the cleaning due to the mass amount of mold and mildew that grew on these structures. He counted on us to make sure this mold would be cleared. The home wasn't big, but i wanted to provide the best results for this home. The day of service, we set up, and fired up our pressure washing machine. It was extremely satisfying to watch the black mold covered structures instantly become bright white like new.

I provided pressure washing service to structures and completed the driveway cleaning last. The home looked awesome! I was impressed with the results myself. The client was blown away at the look of his now cleaned home. AC's Exterior Cleaning Service provided excellent pressure washing service and another happy homeowner!


Client Review

Ken did an amazing job with pressure washing our carport overhang. I was extremely impressed with the results. Highly recommend AC's Exterior Cleaning Service.

Tom L

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