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Patio and Driveway Power Washing Service in San Jose, CA

Patio and Driveway Power Washing Service in San Jose, CA

A client in San Jose needed our help pressure washing their patio and driveway. The client wanted the concrete surfaces cleaned at their mother's home with our driveway cleaning services. The walkways, backyard patio concrete, front brick walkway, and driveway were covered in multiple years of algae, moss, and mold growth. The client wanted the pressure washing service done as preventative maintenance. The homeowner was elder in age and the thoughts of her possibly slipping and falling due to her uncleaned cement surfaces was the motivation for service.

As always when pressure washing concrete or brick surfaces, we first start the process by applying a pre-treatment solution. Pressure washing alone does not remove the root of moss, algae, and lichens, it only removes the surface of the problem. When washing roofs, cement walkways, brick, or stucco home siding, there needs to be a solution applied that will kill this unwanted organic growth at it's root. Applying this solution gives a cleaner, more longer lasting result. This is our method, and the only method that seems correct.

We applied our solution on the surfaces that would be cleaned and let it do the heavy lifting for us.

We then got to the power washing. The results were amazing. The once mold covered cement was like new underneath. We could tell that pressure washing service was not completed for years! We used our commercial surface cleaner. It allows us to clean more effectively than basic home pressure washing equipment. Basic equipment paired with improper pressure washing methods = bad results.

In the span of a few hours this San Jose home's backyard patio, walkways, brick, and driveway was looking like new! Our client was extremely happy that we were able to help make their surfaces clean and safe from potential accidents.

Location: San Jose, CA

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