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Oil Stain Removal in Santa Clara, CA

Oil stain removal

A Santa Clara, Ca homeowner sent us a service request via Yelp in need of AC's Exterior Cleaning Services. He needed his home, patio, sidewalks, and driveway pressure washed. He was also interested in exterior window cleaning service. This single family home in Santa Clara definitely was due for a complete exterior cleaning. We started the job by applying a pre-treatment solution to the house, and other surfaces prior to the pressure washing. This pretreatment kills mold and mildew rooted deep in the porous hardscape. We then moved onto pressure washing the home's siding, eves, trim, etc. We pressure washed the back patio stone, sidewalk, and driveway. Our client was curious if we could pressure wash the garage floor also. The homeowner had a car that was leaking oil. Thankfully we had just the right solution. We pre-treated the garage floor to break down the oil stain and pressure washed it away.

Our final task was the exterior window cleaning, and window screen washing. Once all was complete this Santa Clara home looked awesome! Another job well done by AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service.

Products Used

Dragon Juice

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