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Gutter Guard Installation & Gutter Cleaning Service - Los Gatos, CA

Gutter guard installation gutter cleaning service los gatos ca

Our recurring client in the Los Gatos area needed AC's Exterior Cleaning Service' help. She had been having problems with her home's gutters. Our job, simple, yet complicated, was to remove the old gutter guards. Some call the leaf filters... their job is to allow rain water to flow through the gutter while blocking the debris entering into the gutter. I think it's brilliant, you can save money and save the hassle and dangers of cleaning out the gutters season after season. I especially recommend this structure if living around trees, like many Los Gatos and San Jose homes are. Our clients current gutter guards were old and not a good quality brand we would recommend.

The new gutter guard or leaf filters were ordered, and we were ready to get to work before the fall season. We first removed the old guards and started the gutter cleaning service. The gutters were packed with years of debris. When the gutters were all cleared out, we began installing the new leaf filters. The leaf filters fit in perfectly, not allowing any debris to sneak in!

Gutter cleaning and leaf filter installation service was a success...Another happy home thanks to AC's Exterior Cleaning Service!

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Products Used

GutterGuard by Gutterglove

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