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Gutter Cleaning Service in Morgan Hill, CA

Gutter Cleaning Service in Morgan Hill, CA 1

A homeowner in Morgan Hill, Ca was in need of gutter cleaning service. Thanks to a wonderful client, who also lives in the area, she recommended our team as the best gutter cleaning service in Morgan Hill.

The home was located in the Jackson Oaks / Holiday Estates area of Morgan Hill. Due to the large number of trees, this hilly area is constantly in need of gutter cleaning service.

The oak tree is very common in Morgan Hill, and other San Jose/ Gilroy areas. The city of Morgan Hill is known for the local Live Oak High School, and the mascot is an acorn!

Our exterior cleaning crew got to the Morgan Hill home and set up our gutter cleaning equipment.

The gutters were filled with Oak tree debris.

Our team first started with roof cleaning service, blowing down debris off the roof.

They then moved to the gutter cleaning service. Months of fallen debris was cleaned out of the gutters. Gutter cleaning is important for Morgan Hill, San Jose, and Gilroy residents. Neglected gutters can rust out and become brittle due to sitting water. Gutters filled with water can also be a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. Worst of all, a lack of gutter cleaning service can cause heavy gutters or overflowing gutters that can damage the homes structure.

With the gutters now clean , this Morgan Hill home was ready to take on the upcoming rains. Another gutter cleaning service job completed by AC's Exterior Cleaning Service.

Location: Morgan Hill, CA

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