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Gutter Cleaning Service in Atherton, CA

Gutter Cleaning Service in Atherton, CA

Before a spree of rain storms, a home owner in Atherton needed gutter cleaning and gutter downspout cleaning at their property. We arrived to the property and addressed the main areas of concern. These areas are where downspouts were clogged and the gutters were filled with debris. This home was surrounded by pine trees. The whole property was in need of gutter cleaning. We used our gutter cleaning vacuum to remove debris from the gutters. The vacuum is able to reach up to 40+ feet high, allowing us to safely work from the ground. The vacuum is also extremely powerful, strong enough to tackle the most stubborn of jobs. Our vacuum also has a great feature that allows us to clear the gutter downspouts and make sure they are flowing.

We worked our way around the home gutter by gutter. The result was pounds of pines and other debris in the gutters. The gutters on this beautiful Atherton were ready for the next rain.

There are many reasons for having your gutters cleaned on a yearly or bi-annual basis. Water filled gutters can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests.

Over filled gutters can begin to rust, and overtime break apart and leak.

The worst case scenario are gutters that begin to cause damage to the homes structure due to rot and weight.

Nevertheless, AC's Exterior Cleaning Service is your go to service for professional gutter cleaning service.

Location: Atherton, CA

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