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Gutter Cleaning in San Jose, CA

Gutter Cleaning in San Jose, CA

A client in the city of San Jose, Ca had a problem with overflowing gutters. Their gutters were filled to the top with leaves, debris, and other tree tree droppings. The gutters downspouts were also clogged. The gutters also were filled with water due to the rain storm that passed during the winter. The gutters were well over due for a gutter cleaning service and downspout cleaning. The roof, which was also covered in debris, needed to be cleaned as well.

The crew got to work. First removing the fallen debris from the roof. Then began the gutter cleaning service. The crew needed to first remove gutter guards that were only placed above the downspout. Upon lifting the gutter guards, debris was still packed within the gutters. Cheap, plastic made gutter guards without fine screen mesh is not something we would recommend to install on your home's gutters.

We continued with the gutter cleaning service, removing pounds of built up debris.

ACS Exterior Cleaning Service completed the gutter cleaning and this San Jose home was ready for the next much needed rain.

Location: San Jose, CA

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