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Gutter Cleaning at an Apartment Building in San Jose

Gutter Cleaning at an Apartment Building in San Jose

A property manager in San Jose requested service via our website ( ). They needed gutter cleaning service at 2 apartment buildings they oversee near the downtown San Jose area.

The buildings were 2 stories high, and contained about 12 units each. The approx. length of the gutters cleaned was more than 1000 ft. Our team had a lot of gutter cleaning to get done.

Both properties were moderately surrounded by pine trees, oak trees, and maple trees. The result were gutters filled with debris and water.

Sitting water in rain gutters is a great place for misquotes and other bugs to make a home. The last thing anyone wants is a mosquito infested property.

Lucky, our gutter cleaning service is a simple solution to that issue.

Our team members fired up the gutter cleaning machine and went straight to work clearing out debris. We went all they around the perimeter of the properties making sure the gutters and the gutter downspouts were clear, flowing, and ready for the next rain.

This property manager was happy to check one less thing off their maintenance list. Gutter cleaning service was complete.

Location: San Jose, CA

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