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Fountain Cleaning in San Jose, CA

Fountain cleaning san jose

A client in the San Jose, Ca called us in need of pressure washing services. They had a elegant marble fountain with brass dolphins that needed a deep cleaning. Over the years the fountain collected a large amount of algae, mildew, and dirt.

AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service was contacted right away, the client had a family gathering right around the corner and needed this pressure washed asap!

We started the cleaning with a nice layer of algae killing solution, similar to what’s used in a swimming pool. The algae instantly went from green to a decayed brown. Next we pulled out our heavy duty vacuum to pump out the muck water. Then commenced the pressure washing, clearing the fountain marble clean.

The client was so pleased with how the fountain came cleaned, we were given the opportunity to clean the driveway as well! We layed down a nice coat of pre- treatment cleaning solution on the driveway pavers and got to pressure washing after.

AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service did such a great job just in time for the clients family gathering. The client told us she would call us back, and next time add in window cleaning service for us to complete!

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