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Exterior House Washing Service in Morgan Hill, CA

Exterior House Washing Service in Morgan Hill, CA

A homeowner in the city of Morgan Hill, Ca called us in need of our exterior cleaning services. The clients were looking for exterior home soft-washing and also gutter cleaning cleaning service. I was quick to let them know that AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service was the best team in the area to fulfill their needs! This single family home was definitely due for a thorough cleaning.

We washed the home’s siding stucco, eves, gutters, window frames, etc. clean. Our solution washed away all the spider webs, mold, algae stains, moss, and other grime. Soft washing is the environmentally friendly alternative to ineffective and damaging pressure washing. We use water-based, biodegradable chemicals to emulsify dirt and grime as well as completely sanitize 99.8% of the biological infestation and contaminants on your property. Soft washing uses one-third the water of pressure washing and the clean lasts four to six times longer than regular bothersome pressure washing.

We always recommend exterior house washing and window cleaning service once every 6-12 months for a well maintained property.

Our clients in Morgan Hill were more than pleased with the work AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service had provided! We were happy to give them a clean home welcome!

Location: Morgan Hill, CA

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Client Review

They did a much better job than another company we hired a few years ago to pressure wash our home and clean our gutters. The house looks beautiful and our gutters got a long-overdue clean out. Arrived on time and did the job really well. Highly recommend!

Jessica L

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