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Cement Walkway Cleaning in San Carlos, CA

Cement Walkway Cleaning in San Carlos, CA

AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service got a message on Yelp from a client in San Carlos, CA. Our client needed a complete exterior home cleaning. Window Cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning, patio cleaning and more was all added to to list. I came out, gave an in person estimate, and not too much later we had a service date! Our client knew AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service was the team best fit for the job.

When the day came, we were prepared to work hard! We first took of the roof pressure washing service ( see the previous post ).

We were now ready to get to the pressure washing. Let’s focus on the cement cleaning. As always, we like to put a nice coat of detergent on the surfaces before pressure washing. The solution we use kills off any mold and mildew, and lifts up all the dirt so it can be easier washed away.

We let the solution sit for a number of minutes, and then get to the pressure washing. When pressure washing surfaces such as concrete, driveways, patios, etc. we use what’s called a surface cleaner. It attaches to our pressure washing hose and allows us to evenly pressure wash large surface areas, avoiding lines and unevenly cleaned areas.

Our client in San Carlos, Ca was more than happy. He wants us back annually to get everything complete again.

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