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Bird Abatement Solar Panel Netting in Morgan Hill, CA

Bird Abatement Solar Panel Netting in Morgan Hill, CA

Our team was contracted to provide bird abatement service to a home in Morgan Hill. Specifically, the home needed netting installed around the solar panels. Solar panel netting is a very common way to keep pigeons and other birds from nesting under the panels. Many homes around the San Jose area have the nets installed. Pigeons and other birds ( very common to the San Jose city ) can potentially pose a threat to many homeowners. Their poop and other debris is extremely toxic, both to humans and our pets. Nothing is worse than accidentally allowing young children to be exposed to the toxic mess.

Thankfully, AC's Exterior Cleaning Service is Bird Barrier certified. We have been educated on the best methods and products to target your specific bird abatement service situation.

As for this Morgan Hill home, and many other homes throughout the San Jose, CA area that own solar panels, your best preventative option is for us to install solar netting to send those birds flying.

This home had around 11 solar panels total. Underneath the solar panels were years of pigeon poop and debris. The homeowners noticed that the pigeon poop would constantly be scattered throughout the backyard. This was extremely dangerous to their young toddler.

AC's Exterior Cleaning Service team cleared out the bird poop and installed mesh netting around the solar panels, not allowing the pigeons to nest under ever again.

This Morgan Hill homeowner was extremely happy that we were able to get the job done effectively!

Location: Morgan Hill, CA

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