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Awning Cleaning and Window Cleaning at Sports Basement in San Jose

Awning Cleaning and Window Cleaning at Sports Basement in San Jose

The manager at the local Sports Basement in San Jose reached out to us in need of exterior cleaning service. He submitted a quote request form on our website. Our client needed our help with cleaning the awnings and cleaning the windows on their commercial building. The crew provided a quote and we were set for schedule in a blink of an eye.

Our team arrived to the San Jose property early on a cold Monday to beat the Pruneyard Shopping Center foot traffic.

The Sports Basement building had LOTS of glass to get cleaned. Walls of glass spread more than 400 ft long, and about 18 high. Thats almost 8000 square feet of windows that needed cleaning. There were also 22 awnings covered in debris and grime that were well overdue for a good cleaning on our work order.

Our amazing pressure washing and window cleaning team set up our exterior cleaning equipment and got to work.

We first started with the awning cleaning. We soaked the awnings and gave them a hefty scrub. The process was repeated and then the awnings were rinsed clean. After 22 awnings were cleaned, we moved to the window cleaning.

As always, we used our water fed pole to clean this commercial building's windows.


It is the process in which our safety is ensured, eliminating the dangerous risks of working on tall ladders, allowing us to clean windows up to 40ft in length from ground level. Our lightweight poles boast a super abrasive, non-scratch/glass safe brush ; cleaning dirt, debris, bird poop, insect mess, and other muck from windows. Water carried by a tube through the pole shoots out of the brush rinsing the window clean.

The morning turned to mid day and the exterior cleaning was complete. Customers started to journey their way into the now cleaned Sports Basement.

The manager was amazed at the job our crew completed. The awnings and windows looked great. Another job well done!

Location: San Jose, CA

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Client Review

This team crushed my many windows and awning cleaning for my business. Exceptional customer service experience !!!

Richard D

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