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Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning & Soft Washing Service in San Jose, CA

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning & Soft Washing Service in San Jose, CA

A homeowner was in search for roof cleaning service in San Jose. They reached out to us based on our incredible roof cleaning service results we have shared online. The home had a asphalt shingle roof. Like most of these roofs in the San Jose area, it was covered in moss, lichen, and mold. It is important for San Jose homeowners to schedule roof cleaning service on a regular basis. Mold, mildew, moss, and lichen not only give the house a dirty look, but also eat away at the limestone filler in roof shingles. Roof Cleaning service gives your roof a great look, and also the most life possible. Like with most homes in San Jose, our team uses the soft washing method to complete roof washing service. Soft washing is not like pressure washing or power washing service. It is safe, eco-friendly, and conserves water without any harsh pressure. We never recommended cleaning an asphalt shingle roof with pressure washing or power washing. It causes damaging erosion by removing the shingle granules.

On this San Jose home, our crew applied an even coat of solution, instantly killing the moss, lichen and mold. Our solution works the best if you are looking for roof moss / algae removal. The organic matter instantly turned white, a sign that it is now dead. This is the best way to complete roof cleaning service on an asphalt shingle roof, and the results are amazing! The San Jose homeowner saw the instant results and was amazed. They were happy that AC's Exterior Cleaning Service got their roof cleaning needs completed the professional way. Another great San Jose roof cleaning service completed in the books.

Location: San Jose, CA

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