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What is water-fed pole window cleaning?

AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service utilizes the industry standard water-fed pole cleaning method to clean home’s and commercial building’s windows throughout the San Jose area.

This technology is a new and exciting window washing process for many of our clients.

We thought it would be beneficial for our clients and future clients to have a somewhat thorough guide to the ins and outs of water-fed pole window cleaning in this article.

We’ll be going over 3 main points

  • The History of W.F.P window cleaning
  • How it works
  • What are the benefits

Our hope is your better understanding and new appreciation for window cleaning.

Let's get started!

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1. The History of W.F.P Window Cleaning

What seems like a new and innovative technique to get your windows cleaned is actually more than half a century of ideas in the making.

In the 1950’s a company located in the USA introduced to the public marketplace a revolutionary cleaning system.

It had multiple uses from cleaning vehicles, to home window cleaning, to commercial window cleaning.

The initial product was definitely a work in progress, yet the idea of being able to clean windows without ladders or scaffolding was amazing.

Systems were accepted all around the world. Now in the 21st century, these systems are essential to window cleaning companies in Asia-pacific, United Kingdom, Australia, the U.S , and places all around the globe. What may be foreign to the average homeowner is all the rave in the window washing community.

So how does it work?

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2. The Process of W.F.P Window Cleaning

It's a very simple concept. It starts with life's essential…water.

Water first comes into the system from a main source. 99% of the time this water is sourced from a garden hose spigot from the home, or a specific water valve for commercial buildings.

At the heart of every W.F.P window cleaning system are the water purification devices.

Let's stop here. This is Vital!

Regular source water on its own is insufficient for cleaning windows. This water contains a list of minerals that will leave “hard water spots / stains” or “calcium buildup” or “mineral buildup”.

You can see this effect on glass shower doors.

In order for the buildup / stains to be avoided, the water must be cleared of all minerals and contaminates.

It needs to be filtered…More specifically, it needs to be filtered below 10 ppm TDS (parts-per-million total dissolved solvents) for the best results.

The factor of filtration all depends on where you are located. Some areas are supplied with less mineralized and naturally low TDS water than others.

Typically, the best filtration is a combination of carbon filters, removing chlorine and chloramines, reverse osmosis filters, removing metal ions and aqueous salts, and DI filtration, removing the water of every non-essential charged ion.

The result is extremely pure water. Similar to distilled water, it is purified to the point of being unsafe to drink! It is the trace necessary minerals in drinking water that keeps the body hydrated!

So, the source water, which has now gone through the process of super filtration is directed to the water-fed pole through a special non-contaminating hose line.

This pole has a brush on the head end, which is the way windows are cleaned of dirt, grime, mildew, bird mess, and all other sorts of nasty stuff blocking your clear view. The brushes are tough on mess, but extremely gentle, non- scratching to the glass. They are typically made of nylon and soft faux fur.

So a quick recap,

Water from a source goes through purification, through a water-fed pole, and onto the glass.

The windows get scrubbed clean and clear, and given a final rinse with zero mineral, purified water.

The windows dry crystal clear, leaving the spotty, mineral stained windows at your neighbor's house who swears that “washing” the windows by spraying a garden hose works no problem, They will also be soon paying to replace said windows.


Sounds simple right? So what's the benefits?


3. Benefits of W.F.P Window Cleaning

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Here are four of my main points on why W.F.P window cleaning is the best.

Here we go!

1. Safety

This method of window cleaning is a win win for both consumer and producer. The consumer gets spotless, streak-free, and amazing clean windows, while the producer gets to keep two feet safely on the ground level.

We know that not every job can be done without any need of a ladder, but the majority of dangerous ladder work can now be avoided. We can deliver the same great results without the complete need of climbing ladders and scaffolding. More accidents avoided is a great thing for everyone!

2. Chemical Free

Another great benefit is the fact that no chemicals are needed to clean your windows. No more soaps or windex is needed to get great looking windows. Just one simple ingredient, water. For a typical cleaning, the amount of water used is 15-20 gallons. That's less than a shower or bath! *We do not recommend skipping a shower or bath because you have had the windows cleaned.*

Chemical free is safer for the environment and plants around your home!

3. A Cleaner Result

This point ties a bit into the chemical free window cleaning. Windows cleaned without the use of soaps or other cleaners means no more soap streaks or dried soap residue left on the glass. Nothing is worse than a clean window that only looks clean when the sun is not out! Since purified water is the only ingredient used, your windows will dry clean and clear. When the sun is out and hotter than ever, you can take heart knowing that the soap won’t dry on the window before you can even touch your squeegee.

4. More Than Just Clean Windows

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The water-fed pole now allows us to clean more than just the window glass. We are able to clean the frame of the window, the outside tracking, window screens, sliding door screens, and so many other items. All these things that usually can’t get done with traditional towels and window cleaning tools. We are also able to clean awnings, solar panels, glass lamps, and other outdoor fixtures. With the water-fed pole, you can expect more than just clean windows.

I hope that this article has equipped you with a greater understanding of how and why we love cleaning windows with our water-fed pole pure water system.

AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service mission is to provide San Jose residents with the best window cleaning experience, whether you are a homeowner or a commercial building manager.

Check out more information regarding our window cleaning service and our latest San Jose window cleaning service projects here:

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