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Window Washing in Los Gatos, CA

Our client in Los Gatos, Ca called us back for her annual window cleaning service. This beautiful Victorian home just minutes away from the downtown Los Gatos area has a lot of tall windows. Our client knows the AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service is the best team to get the job done right! Our preferred exterior window cleaning service method includes what is called a water-fed pole system.

What is water-fed pole window cleaning?

It is the process in which our safety is ensured, eliminating the dangerous risks of working on tall ladders, allowing us to clean windows up to 40ft in length from ground level. Our lightweight poles boast a super abrasive, non-scratch/glass safe brush ; cleaning dirt, debris, bird poop, insect mess, and other muck from windows. Water carried by a tube through the pole shoots out of the brush rinsing the window clean. The water is ultra purified by our mobile filtration system, rated at 0 ppm TDS. The purified water rinses the glass and dries spotless without leaving hard water calcium stains.

Over the years we found that harsh chemical cleaners can dry and leave a film on the glass, and also produce those ugly streaks. Our system not only keeps us safe from dangerous accidents, but also works great at cleaning the entire frame around the window as well!

This is why AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service loves cleaning windows with our amazing system. We were finishing up the job here at this home in Los Gatos when the neighbor came over and invited us to clean their windows as well. It was a great day for everyone!


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