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Roof Cleaning in Los Altos, CA

Roof cleaning

A client in Los Altos, Ca sent us a service request via our website. The homeowner needed our help with window cleaning service, roof cleaning, and a small pressure washing job. After heading out for a property walk and giving a quote, the homeowner was convinced that AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service was the best team to work with!

The day of service we started with the roof cleaning service. We soft-washed the metal roof clear of mold, mildew, and years of collected dirt.

Next we moved onto the window cleaning service. Our preferred method of window cleaning is using a water-fed pole. It allows us to provide window cleaning service on glass up to 45 feet high from ground level. Not only do we prevent the dangers of working on tall ladders, but our system rinses the clean windows with ultra purified water. The windows dry crystal clear, avoiding any dried soap film or hard water buildup.

We finished the job with pressure washing the driveway. This Los Altos homeowner was super happy with the service we provided. We are set up for annual window cleaning and pressure washing service!

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