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Roof Cleaning in San Jose, CA

Roof cleaning

Our previous client had referred us to his friend in need of roof cleaning. The San Jose, CA homeowner was scheduled to have Tesla solar panels installed on his home. The solar company needed the roof washed to safely install the panels. Our client was told that AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service was the #1 team to get the job done.

With the solar install date just around the corner, we were contracted and got right to work! We first applied a pre-treatment solution to the cement tile roof. When performing roof cleaning, the number one enemy is mold. Our solution effectively kills the organic matter down to the root burrowed deep inside the porous cement tiles. With the mold now in the process of decay, we were ready to start the pressure washing work.

Every roof is different, which means every roof requires a different method of cleaning. When it comes to asphalt shingle roofs we perform soft washing, which is the utilization of chemical detergents to effectively clean the roof. We never recommend pressure washing an asphalt shingle roof due to the rapid erosion of the shingles. For this cement tile roof, the now killed off organic matter needed to be pressure washed clean.

After the pressure washing service was complete, the roof looked like new!

Tesla came out and successfully installed the client's solar array. Our friend in San Jose, CA was happy he could trust AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service to get the job done in such a timely manner. He is now moving forward in becoming energy independent!

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