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House Washing and Window Cleaning in San Jose, CA

House wash

A new homeowner in the city of San Jose, Ca called us in need of our exterior cleaning services. The clients were looking for exterior home pressure washing and also exterior window cleaning service. I was quick to let them know that AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service was the best team in the area to fulfill their needs! This standard size home was definitely due for a thorough cleaning.

We first applied a pre-treatment solution to the home, loosening up dirt, mildew, and other grime. After we fired up our system and got to work pressure washing the home’s siding panels, eves, gutters, window frames, etc. clean. Our team removed the window screens and gave them a thorough wash with our custom designed screen washer.

Finally we set up our water-fed pole system and got to the exterior window cleaning. Our system scrubs the windows clean, and gives them a purified water rinse. This allows the clean windows to dry clear and free of any hard water stains or harsh chemical soap film. We always recommend a house pressure washing and window cleaning service once every 6-12 months for a well maintained property.

Our clients in San Jose were more than pleased with the work AC’s Exterior Cleaning Service had provided! We were happy to give them a clean new home welcome!


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