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Commercial Pressure Washing in San Jose, CA

Commmercial washing san jose

AC's Exterior Cleaning Service got a phone call from the Lexus Car Dealership. Our client had a tall order to be filled, 30,000+ square feet of concrete needed to be cleaned asap!

I headed down to the dealership to give a quote, and we were contracted to complete the pressure washing service. The Lexus Dealership was getting ready to celebrate an upcoming branch anniversary in the day, so we were scheduled to get the surfaces cleaned during the night.Our team set out to San Jose, Ca at 1AM.

Our first step of the pressure washing work was to pre-treat the concrete to loosen up the various oil stains, gum, spilled coffee, and other messes covering the concrete.

We let the pre-treatment solution do its job and sit for a number of minutes, and then got to the actual pressure washing. Our high end pressure washer is specifically designed for this type of situation. Our machine produces hot water up to 180 degrees F., effectively washing away the toughest hardscape stains. We used a professional surface cleaner to get an even clean all across the massive surface area.

AC's Exterior Cleaning Service team was completed with the pressure washing service right as the sun came up, just in time for the dealership to open and service customers. Another job well done!


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